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Formula 3D Corporation is an End-to-End Product Development and Manufacturing Company with Solutions Geared Towards Precious Metals

Explore our 3D printers, services and end-to-end solutions. We leverage state-of-the-art additive manufacturing and metrology technology to solve tough engineering and manufacturing challenges.

About Formula 3D

Formula 3D is a marketing and sales channel for Desktop Metal's 3D printing solutions in the fine jewelry industry based in Monrovia, California. Formula 3D aims to revolutionize the US jewelry manufacturing industry by providing access to 3D metal printing products and services.


Christian Tse Designs & Mfg. Inc. utilizes CAD, CNC, in house metal molds designs & manufacture, virtuous enameling, in house lapidary, platinum, palladium, gold, silver casting, rare and exotic wood milling, micro-pave setting in precious metals and alternative metals, i.e., titanium, aluminum, bronze, quad-metals matrix & forged carbon fiber composites. 


Founded in 2019 by:


“The Studio System is a jewelry maker’s dream,” says Christian Tse. “The speed and accuracy of this system is coupled with the safety of being able to touch the materials and the convenience of being able to create the goods in-house with no major renovations. This puts the entire production process literally in the hands of the designer. And the batch processing will facilitate faster turn-around times for orders, allowing partner retailers to exceed their customer’s expectations. This is exactly the kind of technology that the designer jewelry industry needs to increase jewelry manufacturing in the U.S. and to keep up with the demands of our high-tech consumers who are accustomed to instant gratification.”

Come see us Debut at JCK Las Vegas 2019

Booth #55-087

Award winning jewelry designer Christian Tse is partnering with Desktop Metal, the Burlington, MA based metal 3D printing pioneer, to bring the world’s first office-friendly, metal 3D printing technology to the jewelry industry. The Desktop Metal Studio System™ allows jewelers to safely produce highly detailed custom jewelry in-house, both in volume and with mass customization, with no major office alterations. Christian Tse’s California based company Formula 3D will serve as marketing and sales agency for Desktop Metal, launching this ground-breaking, innovative technology to the jewelry industry at the JCK Las Vegas show May 31st– June 3rdin the Essentials & Tools neighborhood, booth #55-087.

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